septiembre 6, 2011
Visualization of Research Interests

As an ArtistResearcherEducator I am interested in finding ways that can turn one-way dirt roads into two (or four or six) way avenues. In this respect I focus my efforts on reverting the circuitry of technology sold as a faster, better and more immediate way of consuming culture in order for them to become faster, better and more immediate ways of PRODUCING culture. This reversal of circuitry is not only of a practical or mechanical nature, rather a lot of times a conceptual reversal is all that is needed; a remix, if you will, of stated goals and perceived possibilities. In this case I have constructed a series of collages out of visual content grabbed from a Kindle Ereader (which is supposed to be used only as that… a READER) and created a gif animation out of them. The ultimate goal for this kind of work, still unachieved, is that it could be viewed directly on a kindle. However there is hope. I feel that such exercises of circuitry reversal are of great value when approaching and applying the ideas engulfed in the concept of an RW Culture; the theoretical framework that I hope to utilize and strengthen with my every action as an art educator.

On Surveys

I find surveys extremely hard to justify as a source of valid data for research, especially when dealing with sensitive subject matters that have to do with education and cultural affairs. I understand their role in marketing and elections polling as snap shots of very specific attitudes and reactions held by a specific target market under more or less specific circumstances (six months of campaigning either for a candidate or a product (is there a difference?)). But once surveys are counted on to provide data that could be extrapolated onto larger sets of circumstances and contexts… I cannot help but to feel that such extrapolations will inevitably fail. Maybe I just need to find out more about surveys.


Una respuesta to “9.06”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Moving from consumption to production is of course key to art classrooms. I think you’re working to stimulate something more on the edge than that traditional model, but you don’t say what it is.


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