septiembre 12, 2011

Giroux. Post-colonial ruptures.
Eurocentrism is not necessarily threaten by pluralism. In many cases pluralism (timid multiculturalism) only strengthens institutionalized isms by adapting the plurals into them. Master Narratives cannot be dealt with through random inclusion of “others” without problematizing their origins, their reasons for becoming master narratives, their structural features that allows them to maintain their relevance. The fact that liberal arts curricula is still dominated by the so-called “western art master pieces” provides further fodder for this master narrative, and peppering said curricula with token non-western (non-white) art pieces by itself will not change that. Critical Pedagogy must be taken up in order to deal with these master narratives in school curricula. Crit Ped can engage ” ‘how the school functions as an institution to produce the available discourses and knowledge’ and analyzing the ‘way students enter into textuality … and interpolates students as subjects'” (14). Post-colonial criticism can work similarly along the same lines. Border Pedagogy, by incorporating borders as metaphors and practices, can bring the so-called other to the so-called us and vice-versa, therefore challenging truly master narratives. Border pedagogy “offers the students the opportunity to engage the multiple references that constitute different cultural codes, experiences and languages.” (25) Giroux also seems to have a problem with scientific knowledge and associates it with essentialism and universalism, doesn’t scientific method and knowledge only apply to certain specific set of circumstances? (i.e. experiments with controlled elements).
McClaren. White terror.
White must be threaten as an ethnic group, if not it will forever be accepted as the rule against which other ethnicities are measured. The “we are all the same” argument fails to address this, differences must be acknowledged as part of the historical, social, economic circumstances that spawned such differences.
Tavin. Angels/Ghosts
Art educators must include discussion of everyday pop culture so that students can engage it in a critical manner.



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