septiembre 13, 2011

The more research articles I read on Art Education, the more I feel like scientific research (in its most narrow conception) might not be the best way to approach it, I feel as if most of the research I’ve been exposed to so far hurts by trying to confine itself within the well-established journal article format, as if the abstract-introduction-discussion-conclussion scheme functions more to reveal its shortcomings than reveal its accomplishments. In experiemntal, observational and survey-based research the frequent usage of words like comprehension, meaningful experience, abstraction 9among others) with little or no discussion as to how they are being taken is troubling, these are heavy-handed, loaded words with WAY too many variants to use as part of of any sound argument. On the other hand research methods like analisys, case studies and action research seem to fit our (or my?) concernes much better, but even then the rigorous format of the report (the article) seems to get too much in the way of the content. I need to work on formats, forms, that compliment the content and not work against it. can art education become art in itself? is this the question I am trying to ask? is this the question I want to answer?


Una respuesta to “9.13”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I hope you’ll address this area again later in the course. And also, if you still feel this way, make suggestions for better approaches.


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