septiembre 19, 2011

From myths to signs to mechanical reproduction to popular culture.

Barthes: Myth is speech. Speech can be visual or verbal. Images and writings can be myths. Images are more powerful (imperative) than writing. Myth sees them all as the same: reducible to language. The french flag (or any other flag) holds a vertical relationship to the black man much like the cross does so with christianity. Myth is still reducible to meaning. Everything has meaning.
Benjamin: Art has lost its aura, its specificity to a time and place: mechanical reproduction (perhaps first incursions into Amerika’s nomadic art and self conceptualization?). Readers as authors, viewers as critics, who says that blog culture is the first true threat to “objective journalism endeavors” (pft.). Proletariat practices, marxist materialism, RW culture at its finest.
Giroux: Popular culture is not content, it is context. A political endurance test in the everyday. Subjectivity brings about the required tools for critical pedagogy. Subordinate groups’ articulations vis a vi the dominant sets of cultural products and practices. Pop culture is a battle field.



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