septiembre 20, 2011
Research Possibilities

0. I am studying ways of turning everyday culture-consuming media into culture-producing tools because I want to find out how and IF vernacular culture can share a web of knowledge and experiences with its institutionalized high counterpart in order to help my reader understand that culture must be written and not read only.


  • What examples of culture-consuming media can I focus on?
  • Why do consumers use these media only to consume and not to produce?
  • How can a web of knowledge and experiences can be established in a rhizomatic fashion where there are no knots, or sharp points of origin, but only smooth lines of flight?
  • How can the teachings of hacker culture be incorporated into the creation of this type of web of knowledge and experiences in hacking media?
  • Can this be considered hacking?
  • Is vernacular culture interested in entering this web of knowledge and experiences?
  • does everybody want to be a media artist?
  • Should everybody want to be a media artist? A generator of media content?
  • How should this research be reported?

This research would be conducted within a materialist, technology determinism and RW (remix) culture theoretical frameworks and methodology.

1. I am studying the form of journal articles used to report research in art education because I want to find out if there are viable alternatives that will highlight the accomplishments instead of the shortcomings of said research in order to help me understand what is the best way to report my own research.

  • I agree about this being much more a lit-review type exercise to support the first research possibility.

I envision this research to follow along the lines of literary and media analysis along with some incursions into the still burgeoning data visualization and information design field.

On Case Study Research

I like the potential for in-depth reflexions that case-study research provides. The idea of focusing in a single event, a single example, a single case for an undetermined period is quite appealing. I specially like the similarities of case-study research with documentary production processes, I wonder if a documentary could be taken into account AS a case study. A case in the potential of case-study research.


2 comentarios to “9.20”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    The first research question is more along the lines of something you’d do than the second; the second might be done as part of the first, as part of a contextual (or literature) review.

    • León De la Rosa Says:

      Just to let you know, that I am reworking these entries so they reflect some of our conversations in class and otherwise.


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