octubre 10, 2011

On Rhizomes

Deleuze & Guatari. Rhizome v Trees/Roots. Books, History and Geography as Rhizomes. No points, no origins, no cicles=lines of flight. (de)forrest(ation) v oasis. (w)e(a)st. The smoothness of no jagged edges.

Through collage narrative new lines of flght can be uncovered. Collage, not just for teen angst anymore.


Performance Art Pedagogy (within the (lack of) framework provided by post-modernity) in 10 (smooth) points (not as origin nor final destination) 1.Multicentrism 2. Paradox 3.participation 4. Indeterminacy 5.Interdisciplinarity 6. Reflexivity 7.Dream Logic 8. Body Intelligence 9.Process 10.Interculturality.




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