octubre 23, 2011
On Action Research

Action Research –> The practitioner AS researcher –> Practice as lab –> Researchers should justify themselves to practitioners, NOT the other way around.

either practical or critical –> change or implement –> systematized data recollection, reflection, reconsideration –> this spiral is not downward, or upward –> ever more complex with more and better considerations implemented –> sometimes a life-not-research-project.

Is every question asked through action pertinent and important? relevant? ethical? is every answer provided a valid reflection? Could we be asking ourselves to fulfill our own prophecy? A self-fulfilling prophecy? Can I be judge, jury, accuser and defendant? will my collaborators keep me in line? do I choose collaborators like I choose friends–people who I share a set of ideas, parameters and values with?


Una respuesta to “10.18”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    “Researchers should justify themselves to practitioners” sounds to me like an over-generalization + “shoulds” are hopeless anyway.


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