octubre 23, 2011
From Media to Creativity to Remix

message is not content–>media are the messages–>the medium is the message–>content is another medium–>the message of the medium is how it changes life, how it extends human beings, how it shifts sense’s ratios–>trains changed the way humans lived, the way they organized lives and cities–>what the trains were carrying is irrelevant–>headphones change what you percieve in the envioronment–>what the headphones are playing (wagner, mingus or tupac) is irrelevant–>a shift in domintant extension (technology, media) suggest a shift in pradigms of life–>from the guttenberg galaxy to the electronic (now digital) age–>a shift in the complexities that we are comfortable calling order suggests a shift in how we understand reality–>creativity means to have senses (and minds) open enough to discover these orders, these structures, these rythms, these harmonies–>a disruptive force for creative endeavors is mechanic activity–>the sort of activity that follows only what is apparently obvious instead of searching for the underlying order(s) (creativity, by the way (the artist) can charge paradigm shifts in McLuhan as well)–>creative, original thought is born–>there is nothing original (new) but the avant-garde’s desire to create  the new in new ways–>to be creative means to stop the world for three minutes (among others)–>creativity as outer body experiences–>the art work as magiwork (not all, just some)–>the artist IS the media–>life is source material–>the artist as medium as message.


Una respuesta to “10.24”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    this really captures this week’s readings. (even if I would argue that the content of trains’ etc. relevancy)


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