Second Visual Metaphor for Research

octubre 23, 2011



I’m always amazed at how much clearer research questions seem to get the more times one repeats them out loud and tries to explain them to someone else, someone with no prior knowledge. In this sense the basic act of asking the same question over and over again reshapes it and turns it into something new, something that wasn’t there before. Furthermore the follow=up questions from the fresh set of ears will bring forth new issues, new reflexions that were previously absent, new doubts that we didn’t know we had about our own question and our own potential discoveries. I feel like all the information I require is already out there, all the ideas I am attempting to establish have already been explored but in a different combination, different ratios, different recipes for different palates… now all I need to do is continue the systematic (almost mechanical) shredding of information, filet or boil the fat out, until I am left with what I wish to consume, share and digest.


Una respuesta to “Second Visual Metaphor for Research”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    A wonderful image in color, form, and use of words. I just wished it moved a little more slowly…is there a reason you chose the very rapid movement?
    I agree that voicing our research ideas is helpful.
    I like the idea of boiling off the fat.


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