noviembre 8, 2011
From sources to argument

passion of the piss christ


source(s)–>religious pathos

argument(s)–> religious pathos

lack of arch, lack of argument, lack of triangulation (unique, singular sources)=no long-lasting effect. only a momentary shimmer to one’s pathos.

I have always argued with worshipers of contemporary art and judeo-christian tenants that both these works are equivalent in how much they depend on the viewer’s previous relation with a specific symbol. if one lack such relationship, one will only find a lack of content, a lack of reasons to care, a lack of arguments to communicate. I find that in many cases research that does not take it’s time to listen and digest to its sources (data, communities, field, practices) will inevitably devolve into ineffectual monologues with no arguments.

When I heard about the within the contemporary art world upon the defacement of Serrano’s photograph I couldn’t help but remember the outcry within the worldwide jewish community upon the release of Gibson’s film, which reminded me of the outcry within the worldwide christian community upon the exhibition of Serrano’s photograph. Bad research tends to enter these type of circular vices.


Una respuesta to “11.8”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    But are these ideological opinions or research?


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