Final reflection

noviembre 8, 2011

As I began my first semester in the PhD I was sure of the type of research I wanted to conduct:

  • A question of fostering a Read/Write Culture.
  • A case (or series of cases) of action and field research.
  • Create workflows that turn everyday culture-consuming media into culture producing media.
  • Treat workflows as artworks: procedural art.
  • Could I convert this into practice-based research?
  • Establish rhizomatic pathways to disseminate these workflows.
  • Create an online social hub where other users/generators could exchange knowledge and experience on their own practices inverting RO circuitry into RW possibilities.
  • Report on the process as findings (?)

However, as the semester progressed and as I should’ve been developing the points above, I found myself instead delving deeper and deeper into the production of potential internet memes (in the form of animated GIFs) and theorizing on them as potential tools to be used in educational practices:

  • A question of how to harness the potential of memes (internet or otherwise) for the benefit of education.
  • The production and dissemination of potential internet memes.
  • Fieldwork research as active participant within already-existing online communities through strategic use of social media (Twitter, Google+, blogs, etc) to disseminate these potential memes.
  • A case of practice-based research… I think.
  • Theorization on internet memes as educational tool outside of the traditional educational institutions.
  • Report on the production, dissemination and theorization processes.

The fact that the second option seems to fit perfectly within the idea of practice (as in arts) based research is espeically important and exciting to me. Also, the fact that the online communities researched will be exisiting ones–instead of establishing my own–seems to be more realistic, pragmatic and effective. The theoretical approaches propossed by the likes of Friere, Benjamin, Amerika, Deleuze and Guatari (etc) still apply, more or less in the same ways. However, a few issues still remain:

  • Am I over-conceptualizing simple processes and turning them into more than they truly are?
  • Will this give me enough to produce a full dissetation?

I was certain. Now I’m wondering.



2 comentarios to “Final reflection”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    We already talked about this earlier in the week, but I think the idea of the meme in users’ (not advertisers’) hands, as part of RW culture, is pretty intriguing. To follow even how your own memes are mimeticized (?) might be interesting…but might be nearly impossible to track.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    PS I just saw the “clone this site” at the bottom of this page, a post script to the meme direction.


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