noviembre 14, 2011
Museums as sites of struggle
  • art v. visitor
  • visitor v. curator
  • curator v. artist
  • artist v. institution
  • institution v. education
  • education v. art
  • art v. Art
  • Art v. visitor

I often wonder if museums are mostly a vestige of times past; most valuable as placeholders for nostalgia than true centers of human interaction and accumulation of knowledge. Do we need arks of knowledge–monolithic, vertical, slow but bright–in these days when information theory has reduced knowledge to bits–multifaceted, horizontal, fast but dim? Are small, independent galleries better suited to keep up with these times? Could a large, rhizomatic network of small, independent galleries fill the shoes (foundations) of museums past?

But then of course, there is always the Hermitage:

On last struggle remains:

  • Arks v. archs–of conversations.

Una respuesta to “11.14”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    You have a remix here: a comment about museums that for me is a bit Italian futurist, a series of short videos that indicate what people actually talk about in front of artworks, and a movie about the making of the Russian Ark that is both a film and a museum commentary. I haven’t yet digested the confluences beyond the context of the possible irrelevance of museums in today’s context (unless they are settings for movies).


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